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Have you ever had that moment in your day where you just let your mind wander and all of a sudden that great idea or solution to a problem pops in your head?…

That moment is your brain’s default network kicking in! It’s when your mind is at a wakeful rest and clear of all the everyday distractions around you. This allows the major regions of your brain to connect and collaborate to create abstract thoughts and imaginative ideas. As a result, we’re able to imagine things that don’t actually exist…yet! Your brain’s default network is widely recognized as one of the hardest-working systems in the brain and a crucial tool for creativity. We have loosely based our business model on this concept.

A creative digital agency based proudly in Metro Detroit, Michigan. Our creative network is a collection of local talented, experienced, entrepreneurial types with backgrounds in business, website design, development, programming, marketing, graphic design, video, photography and more. We connect and collaborate our Network to help you imagine, create and launch your project.




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